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Franchise restaurant business in Florida, 36 employees | ROI 28%

  • Category: Restaurants
  • Price: $ 650 000
  • Downpayment: $ 650000
  • Revenue: 2000000
  • Owners benefits: $ 180258
  • ROI: 28.00 %
  • Employees: 36

    Real estate restaurant business in the Southeastern district of Florida is now for sale, 36 employees. L-1 visa and green card.

    Company description

    Restaurant business franchise is now for sale. This business is engaged in preparation of dishes from various seafood. A significant advantage of this business is the profitable location of the restaurant in the Southeastern area of Florida. The company appeared one year ago, but during this time it has been showing high financial performance.

    Restaurant business franchise for sale

    Even though the business is only one year old, it has high profits already that in the future will be multiplied if the owner is successfully managing the business. All business workflows are established, and the owner needs to control only the most important issues, which take about 35 hours a week.

    Terms of offering

    A restaurant franchise can be purchased for $650,000. The company's price includes tangible assets worth $470,000, including buildingworth $150,000.

    From the seller accepts one single payment only. The buyer needs to have the entire amount of money on the accounts to make payment. The seller does not accept any loans and installments.

    Once the transaction is completed, the seller is ready to assist in business managementfor 2 weeks.

    Financial indicators







    High financial performance of the restaurant makes this a successful investment in the future. It is sure to pay off in the future.

    Seafood restaurant for sale

    Company management

    All the workflows will not be affected by the change of the owner because the company has a manager. He is engaged in the control of the staff, which consists of 35 people. The presence of a Manager in the company simplifies the work of the owner.

    Fixed assets

    This business rents a premise with a total area of 1,895 square feet (172 square meters)Rentaccounts for 4% of business revenue, which is a low rental fee. But you won't need to pay rent as the price includes a buildingworth $150,000.


    This business has an inventory worth $20,000. These stock reservesare enough for two weeks of continuous operation.

    Immigration opportunity

    High performance of the company, highly qualified employees and the presence of a manager on the team make the buyer eligible for obtaining a status of a US resident (a green card). It is important to consult with an immigration lawyer constantly.This person plays an important role in your successfully obtaining a green card.

    Market description and growth prospects

    The state of Florida is located on a peninsula, which is washed by the waters of the Atlantic oceain the East, South and West, the by Florida Strait and the Gulf of Mexico.

    The presence of restaurant that specializes in preparing delicious seafood according to unique recipes. This company can be expanded in the future, as the demand for this conveniently located institution will constantly be increasing.

    Next step

    The offer, made by Florida Buy and Sell Business Brokers, is confidential. It is important to fulfill several conditions:

    1. Sign a confidentialityagreement.
    1. Provide information on the presence of the full sum of moneyon your accounts.

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