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Restaurant business in Florida, 47 employees | ROI 28%

  • Category: Restaurants
  • Price: $ 1 400 000
  • Downpayment: $ 1400000
  • Revenue: 2895282
  • Owners benefits: $ 390097
  • ROI: 28.00 %
  • Employees: 47

    Restaurant business with a beer bar, located at the Tampa Bay area of Florida is now for sale, 47 employees. L-1 visa and green card.


    Restaurant business with a beer bar, located at the Tampa Bay area of Florida, is now for sale. This business has been existing for 30 years, of which the last 20 years it is run by the current owner, who decided to sell it due to his retirement.

    Restaurant business for sale

    High rates of restaurant profit, the presence of a manager, as well as extensive experience of restaurant staff, simplify the work of the company owner. The host only needs to deal with general management issues, which take about 50 hours a week.

    Terms of offering

    The restaurant business can be purchased for $1,400,000. The price includes tangible assets worth $150,000. This business was tested for SBA loan. The buyer can be sure to receive it in the amount of up to $1,100,000 for up to 10 years.

    Once the transaction is completed, the seller is ready to assist the buyer in understanding the working processes and workflows and for 4 weeks, which is quite an extensive period of time.

    Financial indicators










    IRR: 77%

    The high financial performance of the restaurant with the77% return on the first paymentsuggests that the investment in this restaurant business will bring much more profit and success in the future. It is important to organize the work correctly so that the company would successfully develop in the future.

    Sale of a restaurant business with a beer bar

    Company management

    2 managers in the company greatly simplify the work of the owner. These employees control the staff of more than 40 people. All the staff of the restaurant and beer bararepeople with extensive experience and high productivity.

    Fixed assets

    The restaurant business rents 5,000 square feet (455 square meters) of space each month. Rents account for 6% of the company's revenue, which is below average (10%).

    The previous owner invested $100,000in the equipment and renovation of the premises.

    Current assets

    There are stock reserves worth $50,000, these funds are enough for the company's continuous operation for a little less than one week. 


    All indicators of this business, primarily financial, as well as the presence of professional employees who work long-term, allow you to obtain the status of a United States resident (green card). It is essential to consult with an immigration lawyer constantly.This person plays an important role in your successfully obtaining a green card.

    Market description and growth prospects

    The restaurant, which has a beer bar and a great atmosphereis an excellent opportunity to relax in the company of your best friends,to have a pleasant conversation. In any state, and Florida is no exception, these institutions are in high demand. It is important to invest in this business, further develop it and increase its demand among citizens and visitors.

    The money invested in this restaurant will pay off very quickly in the future.

    Next step

    The offer, made by Florida Buy and Sell Business Brokers, is confidential. It is important to fulfill several conditions:

    1. Sign a confidentialityagreement.
    1. Provide information on the presence of the full sum of moneyon your accounts.

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